Dishwasher Repair

Your dishwasher works hard for you so that you don’t have to. When your dishwasher does break, it can really put a damper on your kitchen and your daily routine. There are a lot of things that can happen to your dishwasher and it can be a difficult appliance to try and fix yourself.

When your dishwasher needs to be fixed, Aaron’s Appliance Repair is here to help.

When Is It Time To Call Aaron’s Appliance Repair?

There are small things that you may be able to handle, but most problems will require the help of one of our professional repair technicians.

It isn’t filling up properly.

The dishwasher will not fill up properly if the door is not locked properly, so you should check this first. If this doesn’t fix it, there is something more serious going on. Call us so we can figure it out for you.

There is too much water in it.

This is a sign of a problem that you should leave to a professional. You should give us a call in this case because it is likely going to be a bad float switch, inlet valve, or timer.

It’s not cleaning the dishes the way it should.

This is a problem that you can address on your own. This usually happens because there are too many dishes in there at once or they were not rinsed off before being loaded.

It is leaking water.

You need to make sure that the dishwasher isn’t overloaded first. If it continues to leak, call us in so we can fix your dishwasher.

The water is not draining.

There are a few things that could cause this. You can check to make sure that the drain is not clogged. You can also try to replace or just clean out the filter. If you take these steps and they do not fix the problem, call us in so we can get your dishwasher working again.

The door is shutting the way it should.

The door shutting and latching properly is necessary for the machine to work. You will need to check and make sure that it is shutting the right way. If you are unable to get it to shut and lock, you should give us a call so that we can get it fixed for you.

It is making loud noises.

It is normal for dishwashers to make a certain amount of noise. If it is making a noise that is unusual, give us a call so we can come out and assess the problem for you.

It won’t work, at all.

If you cannot get your dishwasher to work at all, it is time to call us in so we can get it up and running again.

Aaron’s Appliance Repair- The Best of Pflugerville

Unclogging the drain and changing the filter is about as far as an owner should go when it comes to trying to fix their dishwasher. This machine is an electronic device that uses a lot of water. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can really get hurt.

We, at Aaron’s Appliance Repair in Pflugerville, TX, are the best at what we do. We know how to get the job done quickly and for the best price. Avoid any injury or headaches and give us a call when your dishwasher isn’t working.