Ice Maker Repair

On a hot Texas day in Pflugerville, there is nothing better than an ice-cold glass of iced tea. During those hot summer days, the ice maker that is built into your refrigerator can get a lot of use. It is really an asset so that you can avoid those messy trays of ice or those expensive bags of ice (expensive when you realize that you are just buying frozen water).

You don’t always realize how convenient and how much you use your ice maker until it is broken. Don’t stress. The great professional repair technicians at Aaron’s Appliance Repair will get your ice maker back online as soon as possible. Our techs can work on all of the most popular brands and even some of the not so common.

Reasons You May Need Our Help

We love helping our neighbors in and around the Pflugerville, TX area. We are great at our job and we are here so that you don’t have to get frustrated trying to do it on your own. Here are some of the things that we have seen happen with ice makers and what may be causing the problem.

The Pause Button

This may seem silly but check the pause button. The ice maker may have paused itself or maybe one of the kids decided to play with the cool buttons. Check this before you do anything else.

A Leak

There are a few things to check:

  • Check to see if the fill cup is aligned
  • Check to see that one of the water lines are kinked or broken
  • Check to make sure that refrigerator is sitting level

If all this looks good, call us before you have a huge water leak. Water can do some serious damage if not handled quickly.

The Control Arm

The control arm lowers and raises as ice is made and used to communicate how full or empty the ice bin is. You should empty the bin to check the control arm.

The Thermostat

Take a look at your owner’s manual to see what temperature to set the thermostat. If it is set too low, the water may be freezing before ice can ever be made.

The Filter

This is another time to check the owner’s manual. Reference it to see how to clear out the filter and check that the line is clear too.

A Valve

This is a job that you should leave us. After checking the filter and the line, it is possible that there is a problem with one of the valves in the ice maker.

It’s Making Less Ice Than Usual

This is a problem that can be attributed to a clogged or frozen line. We have already discussed how to check this.

Unplug It and Shut Off The Water

This is a great way to deal with a frozen line. You can use a low setting on a hairdryer to warm up the line. If a frozen line is the problem, it will run when you turn it back on. If the water is a funny color or it doesn’t turn on, this is when you need to give us a call.

You Figured Out You Need Our Help

By phone or the contact button here, you can reach us to help you with your ice maker. We want to help you. This is a problem that is inconvenient, but we make getting ahold of us simple and convenient.